Middle East Mental Health Panel

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May 03, 2020
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Zoom Meeting Webinar

Over the last few months, humanity has been faced with a challenging situation on various levels, particularly on the psychological one. Everyone is affected and reacts to the unsettling crisis with a range of emotions and behaviors. And because mental health matters, we decided to come up with a panel to highlight how each of us has possibly been affected and what we can still do.

Mental health professionals in the Middle-East have been putting to contribution their expertise, supporting and counseling individuals including promoting awareness and providing helpful tips on many social media and other platforms.

This panel aims at reflecting back on the toll that Covid-19 has taken on mental health and at discussing the lessons learned from leading experts in the field from a more or less comprehensive view.

The panelists bring to the table different perspectives tapping into their practice across various fields including: clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, trauma, eating disorders, sexology and social psychology.

Moreover, the panelists will contextualize the crisis by looking at its impact onto specific populations such as LGBTQ+, children, adolescents, couples and families.
Most of the panelists are members of well renowned associations in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dania addresses the concept of "Post Traumatic Growth" during this panel with 13 other mental health professionals.
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