"How to Remain Positive During Negative Times" Webinar

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December 09, 2021
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Having a positive attitude is known to be a primary factor that mitigates feeling stressed out. How can we possibly remain positive, though, when things all around us seem overwhelmingly negative?  This webinar is designed to give you the answer and the know-how. It does require a specific mindset that gives you the power to do that. Being positive requires, also, some action steps to start implementing. After all, it is your choice to empower yourself during these rough times, or be sucked up by all the negativity surrounding us.

The webinar has several objectives:

        Acknowledge the negative psychological impact the current crises have on us & what we are going through

        Highlight what it means to have a positive attitude & how it affects us & others to be either negative, or positive as the crises continue

        Provide you with the recipe to handle stressful situations

        Being positive during crises involves a two-step process of actions & thoughts with focus on both inward & outward factors

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