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You'll find here some events that already engaged participants to make STRIDES. To know more details, click on the title name. To reserve your your place in upcoming events, click "Book" to reserve your seat.

02 May, 2019

Wellness & Staff-Care at The Workplace Location: Smallville Hotel

This is a 3 days workshop for "Save The Children" NGO staff aimed at training staff on stress management basics to become trainers at their workplace to their teams & to spread "wellness" initiatives to enhance work-life balance.

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07 Mar, 2019

The Practicum to Taming Anxiety & Depression Location: Universite Antonine

This is a free workshop to equip participants with tools to overcome anxiety & depression. It also sheds light on the upside of these two states & how to use the for our advantage.

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04 Mar, 2019

Positive Communication Skills Location: I have Learned Academy

This is a very important workshop to attend if you need to learn positive communication skills and have harmonious relationships on both personal & professional levels.

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12 Jan, 2019

Basics & Tools to Help Stabilize Clients Location: Private

This is a workshop for Clinical Psychologists that provides them with essential tools to support clients on the road to becoming more resilient.

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05 Dec, 2018

Advocating Psychology As A Career - BLOM Shabeeb Career Fair Location: Palais des Congres - Dbayeh

Dania's passion to Psychology extends to giving a presentation on Psychology as a career to high school students during the career orientation fair organized by BLOM Bank.

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24 Nov, 2018

The Upside of Stress Location: Online Coaching Cafe

We’re often warned that “stress” is our enemy and we’re advised to beware its negative repercussions. The truth is “stress” has its upside and we ought to better make use of it as a described negative state.

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27 Oct, 2018

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue Location: Phoenicia Hotel - Beirut

This is a half an hour talk tailored to Medical Doctors during the Makassed Medical Congress to highlight the Compassion Fatigue syndrome that afflicts professionals that work with pained populations.

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27 Mar, 2018

"The Practicum to Managing Negative States" With JCI Location: Berytech - Sodeco

This is a private event organized by JCI Lebanon as part of giving life-skills training to their members as well as the Lebanese community at large. It's a stress management workshop that includes practice of stress-reduction tools.

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10 Jan, 2018

The Practicum to Changing States Location: Les Creneaux Club - Achrafieh

This is a private event organized by Mrs. Carla Aramouni who hosted a fantastic group of ladies to offer them a dynamic workshop tailored to equip them with emotional regulation techniques.

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26 Jul, 2017

"Mastering the Game of Life" workshop Location: PineLand Hotel & Resort

This is a private event as part of a 3 days retreat to Azm School administrative staff aimed at empowering them to be more positive team players in the "Game of Life"

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