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You'll find here some events that already engaged participants to make STRIDES. To know more details, click on the title name. To reserve your your place in upcoming events, click "Book" to reserve your seat.

27 Mar, 2018

"The Practicum to Managing Negative States" With JCI Location: Berytech - Sodeco

This is a private event organized by JCI Lebanon as part of giving life-skills training to their members as well as the Lebanese community at large. It's a stress management workshop that includes practice of stress-reduction tools.

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10 Jan, 2018

The Practicum to Changing States Location: Les Creneaux Club - Achrafieh

This is a private event organized by Mrs. Carla Aramouni who hosted a fantastic group of ladies to offer them a dynamic workshop tailored to equip them with emotional regulation techniques.

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26 Jul, 2017

"Mastering the Game of Life" workshop Location: PineLand Hotel & Resort

This is a private event as part of a 3 days retreat to Azm School administrative staff aimed at empowering them to be more positive team players in the "Game of Life"

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25 Aug, 2016

The Invisible Art Of Healing With Words Location: Bristol Hotel - Beirut - Lebanon

This event is tailored to Iraqi Oncologists who work under patients' overload circumstances & is organized by Roche pharmaceuticals. The "talk" aims at equipping oncologists with basics of a "patient-centered" approach to communicating with women who are diagnosed with cancer. This approach, and as documented by several reviews, results in better physical and psychological outcomes.

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06 Aug, 2016

Work-Life Balance Workshop Location: Crown Plaza Hotel, Hamra, Beirut

This workshop engages participants in examining their "Wheel of Life” and assessing their satisfaction on essential life areas in addition to their careers to examine what needs to be done for better balance.

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14 May, 2016

Performance Under Pressure Location: American University of Beirut

Positive emotional states are integral to better performance on the job and in life in general. In this workshop, participants will become more empowered to deal with adverse situations that negatively affect their productivity by providing them with "emotional fitness” tools to becoming more resilient.

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20 Feb, 2016

Unleash the Power Within - Lebanese Edition Location: West Hall Symposium

Do you want to take your life the next level and overcome barriers? Prepare to fill up powerful energy...

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21 Nov, 2015

Mission Made Possible Location: Dandarah NGO

A short workshop tailored to a variety of students to equip them with means to self-motivate and carry out whatever difficult changes to their lives needed to succeed on both an academic level and personal ones. A highly dynamic and interactive time offered to boost one's confidence through practical exercises and enable a more determined mindset to achievement.

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06 Nov, 2015

Mastering Your Psychology Location: MetLife Alico offices

A Half day workshop on "Mastering Your Psychology" presented to Metlife Alico staff to learn dealing with life challenges and becoming more in control. It's more like a practicum to learn emotional regulation and boost mental toughness. Emotional fitness is as important as physical fitness for better well-being. This workshop is like a long emotional fitness class to learn how to control negative emotions through simple yet powerful techniques to remain in the most positive upbeat states that culminates in happier living and thriving against all odds.

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03 Sep, 2015

Pre-academic University Year Workshop Location: Gefinor Rotana Beirut

A workshop organized by Antami NGO that is highly upbeat & dynamic to help students kick off a new academic year fully confident & empowered to make things happen against all odds. A key component to success is emotional regulation to remain at peak states to achieve the best results once provided by the "success formula".

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