Counseling or psychotherapy. resolves personal or psychological difficulties that leave one with poor mental health. It’s an empowering process to feel better using either of 3 approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Hypnotherapy

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Helps you create positive changes on both personal & professional levels. It moves you from being good to extraordinary on self-set goals.

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Provides life & career skills to groups who aim at self-development, but need specific tools to enhance their performance in different areas.

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What's Special About STRIDES with Dania?

If you need a results oriented approach to creating a better version of yourself in a relatively short time, this is the "go to” place. "STRIDES" with Dania Dbaibo Darwish offers 3 types of services: Coaching, Counseling & Training. Coaching is for those who are functioning just well, but would like to become their best, more like exceptional. Counseling is for those who are willing to deal with dysfunctional patterns of thought or behavior and alleviate any emotional distress. Training serves a group setting of individuals eager to equip themselves with better life-skills. Wherever you are in your life journey, "STRIDES" supports you grow and redesign your life. By far, the most important project you can ever work on is your own "being".

Let's enjoy the ride...



  • Hats off to this lady for her fascinating wisdom, extensive knowledge and affectionate heart. A true learning and life changing experience through the empowering, positive and soothing EMDR approach.
    Hoda Touma

    Masters student of Public Policy at AUB

  • Dania is a combination of a warm heart, professional attitude, and works in a very comfortable atmosphere!!! highly recommended. I can't believe how helpful EMDR can be. It seems that you have the power within you to help yourself with a professional hand holding yours and leading you to the right way! Big love to our Dania and good luck dear.

    Sonya Dhaybi


  • Coach Dania is Professional and capable of transforming hurdles into colourful landscapes. I always recall your words and follow your advice.
    Rana Dubeissy

    University Professor

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Latest Events

  • Basics & Tools to Help Stabilize Clients
    January 12, 2019

    This is a workshop for Clinical Psychologists that provides them with essential tools to support clients on the road to becoming more resilient.

  • Advocating Psychology As A Career - BLOM Shabeeb Career Fair
    December 05, 2018

    Dania's passion to Psychology extends to giving a presentation on Psychology as a career to high school students during the career orientation fair organized by BLOM Bank.

  • The Upside of Stress
    November 24, 2018

    We’re often warned that “stress” is our enemy and we’re advised to beware its negative repercussions. The truth is “stress” has its upside and we ought to better make use of it as a described negative state.

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