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"On Being Positive In Face Of Difficulties" -Radio Sawt El Shaab
Life isn't easy, but it can be made easier if we faced it with a positive attitude. The negative emotions we experience have their upside and happiness is choice we can create if we put our mind to it.
Dania guiding you into "Progressive Relaxation" - English Version
This is an audio that can get you to relax yourself whenever you feel too stressed out. It's a very powerful tool that helps you be more in control.
The Upside of Stress
We were taught that stress is the enemyy, but latest research suggests that stress is actually good for you (if you think it is good for you).
Marital Age Gap - When the Woman is Much Older - LBCI أحمر بالخط العريض
This interview tackles a hot topic which involves women who marry men some 20 years younger than they are. It is very brief, but highlights the reasons, the challenges, and the consequences of such marriages.
Attraction, Flirting Signs, & Chemistry in Relationships
There are subtle signs & overt signs that someone is attracted to another. How to detect these, and what to do are briefed in this interview.
What is EMDR?
Dania defines EMDR therapy & the bases for healing stressful life events through this approach. EMDR is the psychotherapy of the 21st century since its results are scientifically proven to be very effective & long-term.
Factors Affecting Mood & Tips For Better Results
Bad mood & happy mood are normal to fluctuate between in our daily living. Few tips for better mood are offered here.
Addicted to Love
A special kind of addiction is that of "love". Those afflicted avoid being alone by either jumping from one relationship to another, or stay in an unhealthy one.
Peter Pan Syndrome on Al Araby TV
Peter Pan Syndrome or the manolescent (physically a man, but acts as an adolescent)
On Testophobia

Marital Conflicts on LBCI's أحمر بالخط العريض
Marital Conflicts can surface for a variety of reasons. How do we resolve these?
Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy
A live case of experienced past life is interviewed with Dania here with an additional discussion on Deja Vu.
Marital Tips For Longer Lasting Relationships - ART America
The rates of divorce & having parallel relationships are increasing at an alarming rate at a time when couples could extend more effort at maintaining their existing relationships.
Smiling Depression - LBC SAT
depression can often be masked behind a daily smile, but when alone, the person is hit hard.
Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing? LBC SAT
Beauty is a blessing indeed as it's a doorway for success on many fronts; however, it can be considered a curse many times.
Dealing with Exam Anxiety
Exam anxiety is very common among students & could be very severe as to cause a panic attack sometimes.
Victim Mentality - LBC SAT
Some people keep playing victim of their circumstances over & over again just to recruit your sympathy
Stubbornness versus Perseverance - LBC SAT
Dania discusses the attributes of stubborn people & how they can transform their determination to a healthier one & into perseverance
Drama Queen / King Syndrome - LBC SAT
A Drama Queen or King is a person who loves to over-react just to get attention and feel important...
Indecisiveness & Aboulomnia - LBC SAT
Indecisiveness can stop people from taking major & minor daily decisions. In its extreme form, it becomes pathological and is called "Aboulomania".
Toxic Patterns Between Mother & Daughter - LBC SAT
"Mom-flicts" (conflicts with mom) can be most hurtful & damaging to a daughter's sense of self & self-confidence.
Between Mother In Law & Daughter In Law - LBCI
The relationship between mother in law & daughter in law can be rocky many times for different reasons.
Social Conformity - LBC SAT
Dania briefly describes social conformity and why it happens.
The Multi-Power of Smiling - LBC SAT
A simple smile (usually requiring very little effort) has multi-powers:psychologically, physically,...
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