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Quarter Life Crisis - Al Jadeed TV
Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about midlife crisis, but “Quarter Life Crisis” is, also, as common among the new generation aged around 25 to 30 years old. So what exactly is it? How is different from midlife crisis? How to cope with it? You’ll find the answers
Emotional Numbness: Degrees, Reasons, & Tips - Al Jadeed TV
This is part two of my interview today on “Emotional Numbness” discussing its degrees, the different reasons it happens, & few tips to regain emotionality with its ups & down for healthier living.
Emotional Numbness: Definition & Consequences - Al Jadeed TV
This part one on defining "Emotional Numbness". What it is and the consequences it leads to when used in excess.
Smartphone Addiction & Consequences of Excessive Use - Al Jadeed TV
Smartphones have facilitated our lives big time! At the same time, their excessive use comes with a lot of drawbacks. Smartphone addiction is problematic, so what can we do to manage? How exactly would it harm if we overdo it? You’ll find the answers in my latest interview here.
Relaxation Induced Anxiety / Stresslaxing - Al Jadeed TV
Relaxation Induced Anxiety” (also known as #stresslaxing”) happens when there’s increased anxiety, or stress when relaxation techniques are applied. Why does it happen? Is there a way to go about it? You’ll find the answers here.
Happiness Guilt & Survivor Guilt - Al Jadeed TV
“Happiness Guilt” & “Survivor Guilt” are very common experiences during the horrific war times we’re going through. What’s the origin of such guilt? Why does it take place? And how are you to deal with it? You’ll find the answers here.
Emotional Contagion - Al Jadeed TV
“Emotional Contagion” can affect your mental health positively, or negatively. During our current dire times, you might find yourself sapped out of energy due to excessive exposure to horrific #war scenes. #Anxiety, #sadness, #anger all seep to your system by contagion from witnessing others suffer. Who gets affected most by difficult emotions? How are you to protect yourself? You’ll find the answers
The State of Anguish During The War on Gaza - Al Jadeed TV
The state of anguish is dominating most Lebanese under the horrific circumstances during the war on Gaza. Anguish is a mix of difficult emotions like sadness, fear, & anger that the person find difficulty describing. How are we to cope during these very uncertain & sad times? You’ll find the answers here.
FOGO: Fear Of Getting Old - Al Jadeed TV
FOGO, or Fear Of Getting Old is pretty common & you don’t have to be close to old age to start having all sorts of fears around your declining physical abilities & looks, your memory problems, or concerns over your finances. How can you tame this fear & soothe yourself? How can age with grace? You’ll find the answers here.
Parental Disapproval of Mate Selection - Al Jadeed TV
It’s tough when parents don’t approve of their grown-up child’s mate selection for marriage!! How are we best to handle such situations? Any good ways of persuasion the parents can use, or the person involved? What are the repercussions of forcing one opinion over the other? You’ll find the answers here
Gray Divorce (Divorce After The Age of 50) - Al Jadeed TV
Gray Divorce is on the up rise. Couples above the age of 50 are no longer hesitant about asking for divorce after some 30 years of marriage. What are the reasons for the increasing rates? What are the repercussions and would it affect the now grown up kids as much? You’ll find the answers here.
How To Help Someone Having A Panic Attack? Al Jadeed TV
Panic attacks are scary for the person having one; and watching someone having a panic attack is, also, not easy. How can you best support them? You can find the Do’s & Don’ts here.
Emotional Abuse: Consequences & Some Tips (Part 2) - Al Jadeed TV
This is part two of my interview on the effects of “Emotional Abuse”. What makes a person become emotionally abusive? What makes the abused stay in an unhealthy relationship? What’s advisable to do? You’ll find some answers here.
Signs of Emotional Abuse - Al Jadeed TV
The effects of “Emotional Abuse” are not as easily seen as physical abuse! They leave the abused with emotional bleeding that may seep to the organs. In part 1 of this interview on Al Jadeed TV, I highlight the signs of Emotional Abuse & will continue to discuss the ramifications and solutions when faced with this harsh maltreatment.
How To Deal With Two Faced People - Al Jadeed TV
“Two Faced” people are horrible to have in anyone’s life. How can you detect them before it’s too late? Why are they like this? And how is it best to deal with them? You’ll find the answers in my latest interview on Al Jadeed here
Dangers of Escaping Reality in Different Ways - Al Jadeed TV
Escapism can come in different ways & even the good ways can become harmful. What are the types of “escapism”? Why do people resort to escaping reality? And how are we to balance? You’ll find the answers here.
Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing? - Al Jadeed TV
It is a dilemma indeed to consider whether beauty is a blessing with many advantages, or a curse with so many downsides. You'll find what research found out in this video.
Dangers of Parental Differential Treatment - Al Jadeed TV
Parental Differential Treatment” is very problematic to siblings & especially to the un-favored child. Why does #favoritism take place? What are the dangers? & what to do about it
Reasons & Tips for One Sided Love - Al Jadeed TV
“Unrequited Love” is hard, so why do some people remain having hope? You’ll find the signs of the one sided relationships, the reasons, and how to deal with it here.
How To Deal With A Partner Who Won't Change - Al Jadeed TV
It's not easy to make your partner change. They will have to want to change. This video has some tips as to how to influence them positively.
How To Deal With Lack of Focus - Al Jadeed TV
There are many reasons for lack of focus and it doesn't always have to be ADHD. Watch this video for other possible reasons and for tips on how to manage it.
The Hidden Reasons For Mood Swings - Al Jadeed TV
Mood Swings are normal, but if they are very frequent and intense, it could be more serious pointing to bipolar disorder. There are many hidden reasons for why people have mood swings as you'll watch here.
The Blame Game - Al Jadeed TV
Humans have a tendency to #blame others whenever there's a problem. And there are some who keep blaming themselves for every mishap. What are the reasons and drawbacks for the blame game? And how do we overcome it? You'll find the answers here.
All About Trust Issues & How to Deal With it - Al Jadeed TV
Many people have trust issues and this is not healthy neither for their relationships, nor their mental health. This interview gives few tips on how to overcome your trust issues.
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