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Silent Screaming - Al Jadeed TV
“Silent Screaming” happens when a person can’t express their psychic pain and it all ends up being manifested in their behaviors. What are the signs of silent screaming? Why does it happen? And how do we deal with it? You’ll find the answers in my interview here.
The Difference Between Talk Therapy & Talking To A Friend - Al Jadeed TV
We're surely encouraged to talk to a friend when we’re experiencing problems, but there's a "Difference between talking to a friend & talking to a Psychologist". How is talk therapy different from talking to a friend? Does a psychologist replace needing a friend? What's the downside of talking to friends about your problems? All about it here.
It's not Love! It's a Trauma Bond!! - Al Jadeed TV
Often times, “It’s not Love! It’s a Trauma Bond!!” This happens in an abusive relationship when the victim finds him/herself trapped and can’t easily leave thinking it must be love keeping them from taking the step. What are the signs of a trauma bond? Why does it happen? And what are the steps to get over it? You’ll find the answers here
Why is Having Faith Important? - Al Jadeed TV
Having Faith is empowering and is very beneficial to both psychological & physical health. Sometimes our faith wanes and that’s understandable especially if we underwent unsurmountable pressure. More on the topic here.
Post Infidelity Stress Disorder - Al Jadeed TV
Post Infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD) is not an official diagnosis, but we often use it to specify the specific trauma the person went through unlike Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is more general. PISD has many layers and is specifically very difficult on the cheated on person. What are the signs? How is it best to handle it? And how can this person be best supported? You'll find the answers here.
Dependent Personality - Al Jadeed TV
It’s quite normal to depend on others from time to time. Still, excessive dependency can be a deal breaker in relationships especially if we’re talking about “Dependent Personality Disorder. What are the signs, reasons, & consequences for pathological dependence? You’ll find some answers here.
Who is the Family Scapegoat? - Al Jadeed TV
Who is the “Family Scapegoat”? Any criterion for these people to be the target of continuous blame? What are the other signs, consequences, & how to heal from such a role? You’ll find some answers here.
Martyr of Love Syndrome - Al Jadeed TV
What’s the “Martyr of Love Syndrome”? What are its signs, consequences, & how to resolve it? You’ll find some answers here.
The Challenge of Being Single During Valentine's Day - Al Jadeed TV
Being single is a challenge during valentine’s day. It makes one feel alone & bitter. It could be those who are divorced, widowed, or some of those married ones too. How should those who are not romantically in a relationship cope during this day when others are celebrating love? You’ll find some strategies in my latest interview on Al Jadeed TV here.
What is Tough Love & When Best To Use it? - Al Jadeed TV
What is “Tough Love”? When is it best to use it and how? You’ll find some answers here.
Signs of Emotional Maturity - Al Jadeed TV

You can grow physically & mature mentally, but you may not mature emotionally as easily. What is “Emotional Maturity” & what are its signs? How can you deal with an emotionally immature person? You’ll find some answers here.
Do Opposites Attract? Or Do Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together? - Al Jadeed TV
“Do Opposites Attract? Or Do Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together?” Which kind of attraction leads to more satisfying relationships? What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married to your opposite, or to your similar? You’ll find some answers here.
How To Make Someone Love You - Al Jadeed TV
“How can you make someone #love you?” You can’t force that, but you can surely increase your chances. You’ll find some ways here.
Love Marriage Versus Traditional Marriage - Al Jadeed TV
There are advantages and disadvantages to both Love Marriages & Traditional Marriages! What is the difference in outcomes? Can love come after marriage? What if love dies? You’ll find the answers here.
Is Marrying an Older Woman a Bad Idea? -- Al Jadeed TV
Why is it that some men are attracted to older women? Is it a bad idea to commit and marry an older woman? Would it work? Would the age gap matter? You’ll find the answers here
Holiday Grief - Al Jadeed TV

When it’s the holidays, we’re all supposed to be happy & in festive mode, right? It is very difficult, though, if you’ve just lost a beloved one. How can you possibly deal with Holiday Grief? How are we to balance, or even support those who are going through this? You’ll find the answers here.
How to Deal Wit Nitpicking Between Couples - Al Jadeed TV
Nitpicking between couples surely has disastrous consequences on the relationship! Why does it happen? How are we to deal with it if we were on the receiving end? Or even if we realize we’re doing it? You’ll find the answers here.
Quarter Life Crisis - Al Jadeed TV
Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about midlife crisis, but “Quarter Life Crisis” is, also, as common among the new generation aged around 25 to 30 years old. So what exactly is it? How is different from midlife crisis? How to cope with it? You’ll find the answers
Emotional Numbness: Degrees, Reasons, & Tips - Al Jadeed TV
This is part two of my interview today on “Emotional Numbness” discussing its degrees, the different reasons it happens, & few tips to regain emotionality with its ups & down for healthier living.
Emotional Numbness: Definition & Consequences - Al Jadeed TV
This part one on defining "Emotional Numbness". What it is and the consequences it leads to when used in excess.
Smartphone Addiction & Consequences of Excessive Use - Al Jadeed TV
Smartphones have facilitated our lives big time! At the same time, their excessive use comes with a lot of drawbacks. Smartphone addiction is problematic, so what can we do to manage? How exactly would it harm if we overdo it? You’ll find the answers in my latest interview here.
Relaxation Induced Anxiety / Stresslaxing - Al Jadeed TV
Relaxation Induced Anxiety” (also known as #stresslaxing”) happens when there’s increased anxiety, or stress when relaxation techniques are applied. Why does it happen? Is there a way to go about it? You’ll find the answers here.
Happiness Guilt & Survivor Guilt - Al Jadeed TV
“Happiness Guilt” & “Survivor Guilt” are very common experiences during the horrific war times we’re going through. What’s the origin of such guilt? Why does it take place? And how are you to deal with it? You’ll find the answers here.
Emotional Contagion - Al Jadeed TV
“Emotional Contagion” can affect your mental health positively, or negatively. During our current dire times, you might find yourself sapped out of energy due to excessive exposure to horrific #war scenes. #Anxiety, #sadness, #anger all seep to your system by contagion from witnessing others suffer. Who gets affected most by difficult emotions? How are you to protect yourself? You’ll find the answers
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