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On Testophobia

Marital Conflicts on LBCI's أحمر بالخط العريض
Marital Conflicts can surface for a variety of reasons. How do we resolve these?
Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy
A live case of experienced past life is interviewed with Dania here with an additional discussion on Deja Vu.
Marital Tips For Longer Lasting Relationships - ART America
The rates of divorce & having parallel relationships are increasing at an alarming rate at a time when couples could extend more effort at maintaining their existing relationships.
Smiling Depression - LBC SAT
depression can often be masked behind a daily smile, but when alone, the person is hit hard.
Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing? LBC SAT
Beauty is a blessing indeed as it's a doorway for success on many fronts; however, it can be considered a curse many times.
Dealing with Exam Anxiety
Exam anxiety is very common among students & could be very severe as to cause a panic attack sometimes.
Victim Mentality - LBC SAT
Some people keep playing victim of their circumstances over & over again just to recruit your sympathy
Stubbornness versus Perseverance - LBC SAT
Dania discusses the attributes of stubborn people & how they can transform their determination to a healthier one & into perseverance
Drama Queen / King Syndrome - LBC SAT
A Drama Queen or King is a person who loves to over-react just to get attention and feel important...
Indecisiveness & Aboulomnia - LBC SAT
Indecisiveness can stop people from taking major & minor daily decisions. In its extreme form, it becomes pathological and is called "Aboulomania".
Toxic Patterns Between Mother & Daughter - LBC SAT
"Mom-flicts" (conflicts with mom) can be most hurtful & damaging to a daughter's sense of self & self-confidence.
Between Mother In Law & Daughter In Law - LBCI
The relationship between mother in law & daughter in law can be rocky many times for different reasons.
Social Conformity - LBC SAT
Dania briefly describes social conformity and why it happens.
The Multi-Power of Smiling - LBC SAT
A simple smile (usually requiring very little effort) has multi-powers:psychologically, physically,...
Humanizing Pets - LBCI
Humanizing pets is on the up rise and many people would get too attached to their at expense of other...
Males & Females Between Love & Friendship - LBC SAT
Can a man & woreally be "just friends" without the romance? This is an often debated question. It's...
Anger Management - LBC SAT 2
If you're angry, count to 10; if very a 100, so it's been said. Many other ways manage anger were proposed....
How To Get Lucky- LBC SAT
Are we born lucky, or can make ourselves lucky? Scientists explored this question and the research pointed...
Music Therapy - LBC SAT
Music is therapy for the soul, but that's not all. being used to positively influence physiological...
The Elephant in the Sitting Room - Future TV
The Elephant in the Room is a metaphorical idiom used to describe an obvious truth that either being...
Cherophobia or Fear of being Happy - LBC SAT
In this episode, Dania explores "Cherophobia" which is the fear of being too happy because something...
The Effects of Electronic Gifts on our Children - Al Ghad Al Arabi TV
The concept of gifts to our children has been evolving include mainly electronic devices. In this interview...
8 Superpowers We forget We Have - LBC SAT
We have at least 8 superpowers we forget we have. If we pay attention to these, our lives would certainly undergo a more positive charge. These are simple yet profound effects. The power of: words, love, movement, choices, leading by example, elegance, self care, & fun. See? pretty simple, but really powerful as Dania briefs in this interview thtook place in Ideas Production studios on December 11, 2015...
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