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Maintaining your Sanity During Uncertain Rough Times

It is not that easy to maintain optimal psychological health in very uncertain times. Like when there's a revolution going on in your country & you get thrown off your usual balance.Things around you can be so out of control, but you can certainly control your emotional state from suffering the negative consequences of  being all too stressed out. Here are some few tips to manage maintaining your sanity especially when it's supposed to be a festive season & you already have a lot to handle. 

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The Upside of Negative Emotions

Admit it!! You try to escape, or avoid negative emotions as soon as you experience any of these, right? It is no surprise. We’re programmed to do that one way or another. It’s painful to feel depressed, ashamed, anxious, guilty, and the host of other negative emotions. To many, these emotions convey weakness. We gravitate more towards positive emotions like joy, optimism, excitement, confidence, and other emotions that put us in a more upbeat mode. And we’re not to blame as these kinds of emotions don’t only feel good; they’re good for us. They propel us to achieve better results and have better life experiences, in general, all culminating in a more satisfying sense of well-being.

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EMDR: The Psychotherapy Of The 21st Century

Many of you have been hearing lately about EMDR as an approach to therapy, but perhaps most don’t know what it means, or exactly how it goes yet. EMDR is an abbreviation for "Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing”; and EMDR therapists are often fascinated by its wonders whether in speed of healing, or its long-term positive effects. Research after research keeps documenting how efficient EMDR is for a variety of psychological problems not restricted any longer to dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as when it was first introduced. EMDR combines components of many different other therapeutic approaches, but it’s most unique in working on a neurological level that is often felt directly by the recipient. 

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The Upside of Stress

You're all stressed out? That's great news!!

It is quite a normal reaction if you’re surprised about what the title above suggests. We have been bombarded over the years with messages that "stress" is our enemy. Today, I have some "breaking news" for you - some "great" news. Stress has its upside. There’s an emerging trend in scientific research that explores how you can befriend your stress and use it to your advantage. Stress is not the real problem. The way you handle it, or think about it, as I will shortly expose, is the problem. Whether you’re an employee, manager, or have any other life role, in our current fast-paced times, overwhelm is common and can dominate our lives. What you’re about to read can be life changing. Use it to your advantage. Share it with your friends and fellow colleagues. Apply it as your new way of living; and allow the same effects to rub on those you interact with.
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The Power Of Self-Talk 1

I lately finished reading a book entitled "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. J. Murphy. Not only did I enjoy the read, I was reminded by the power of positive self-talk. This easy to use tool can be used by people as they set their minds into achieving certain goals. In a nut shell, the author suggests that you empower yourself most when you repeatedly affirm to yourself that you are going to succeed on a specific task. Affirmations are declarations that something is already true (mainly a positive outcome). When repeatedly practiced, these become like a prayer and direct your subconscious energy towards that which you aspire.

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The Power Of Self-Talk 2

As you read these lines, don’t you hear your own voice in a whisper like tone echoing behind your eyeballs? Most probably you do; and it is not deliberate. You’re always engaged in self-talk and despite this being a characteristic of your mental chatter, you seldom monitor it or pay attention to. This is the way you think. That voice creates your inner idiosyncratic world; so private no one knows what’s going on in there.

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Digging Deep Within for More Self-knowledge

Well, another academic semester has unfolded; and I can’t but reflect on my students who enrolled for the introduction to psychology course. For the past four months, we have examined the thinking processes and the motivating roots for human behavior. I am wondering how many students are now more invested in selfdiscovery and regulation? I planted seeds beyond course material and nourished these from time to time. Many resisted and their reactions ranged from having flat expressions on their faces to openly being sarcastic about my daring "calls". Things seemed just too airy-fairy for their understanding. Others were more welcoming and those really motivated me to keep trying. I can’t know how many were responsive for sure, but I’m happy with just a few. Generally speaking, people differ in their willingness to "dig deep" and become more selfaware. And that is even more customary among the younger generation

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The A to Zs of Excellence

Ever wondered about the mindset of happy and successful people who achieve "excellence"? Well, I often have. And examining these people, I found that they make the best of their being; and adopt some simple, yet, powerful strategies to be "outstanding". They are brain-washed with a certain set of beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts when it comes to dealing with themselves, others, and their life challenges. These, eventually reflect in their best achievements.

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Dealing With Fear After Being Promoted

A dear friend of mine recently got promoted to the position of the CEO of this reputable huge firm. I met with her just yesterday to discuss the great news only to find out that she was terrified by the news. Shock waves of worry were still coloring her perception of her pinnacle professional life. Instead of being a chest-thumping Tarzan, she seemed cornered like a pray. I found her gritting her teeth mulling about the tantalized situation that firm was in. She thought that the prospects of enacting a directional shift towards growth were poor as demonstrated by the successive CEOs handling that same post. I saw things differently; and started dissecting with her the different aspects of her worries. She was disempowering herself with negative thoughts and bleak attributes of the situation; and that needed to change. She can’t decline such an opportunity and has all the right to worry, but whining about the problems surrounding her added responsibility did not serve her much. We first changed the term "problems" into "concerns". We then started focusing on how to dissolve or solve those concerns. She had already begun that, and as we sat there more solutions surfaced.

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Dealing with Emotional Trauma by Tearing Out Pages from Your Life Book

During my recent hypnotherapy practicum, one particular tool (more like a metaphor) drew my attention. It was in line with my future book project on "Coping with Realities". The tool was an aid to deal with past painful emotions or memories. If not properly dealt with, these become heavy baggage with a grave negative impact on one’s personality, emotions, and behavior. The general gist of such a hypnotic exercise is to bring awareness that whatever already passed is past; and cannot be changed. What we can certainly change is what we can do now. The exercise works best if you are a visual person and have the ability to imagine taking a trip through your mind’s eye into the unconscious mind. A hypnotist can guide you through, but you can also do it alone. It goes something like this:
Take some time to relax a bit, relax, yes, breath, relax, more and more…..

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