"Super Powers You Can Use During Rough Times" Webinar

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April 03, 2021
11:00am -12:00pm
Zoom Meeting Webinar

With the consecutive crises the country is going through, most people are finding themselves having a new life style that fuels stress, anxiety, and low mood. This is an hour long webinar that aims at providing your team with few psychological tricks and tips to feel more empowered and resilient in facing the tough situations we are in. The talk will be very interactive; and has several objectives:

- Acknowledge the difficulty of current times and focus on the super powers we still have and the choices we can still make during our days.

- Allow the team to experience some fun as they interact online instead of listening to just a lecture (there will be a lot of online laughter).

- Provide some easy to use tools derived from scientific research to shift internal negative states to be more empowered (i.e. from being grumpy to happy; from being weary to energetic; from feeling stressed to relaxed; from feeling awkward to more confident).

- Practice these tools to have first-hand experience in how easy it is to have positive psychological shifts if only we decide on being more in charge. 


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