Performance Under Pressure

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May 14, 2016
9:00am - 5:30pm
American University of Beirut

Positive emotional states are integral to  better performance on the job and in life in general. In this workshop, participants will become more empowered to deal with adverse situations that negatively affect their productivity by providing them with "emotional fitness” tools to becoming more resilient. The workshop blends information about managing negative emotional states with practice of easy to use techniques to becoming more "mentally tough”. Participants will learn how to shift from being grumpy to happy, from tensed to relaxed, from awkward to confident, and from angry to more in control. It finally provides the "success formula” to make positive changes personally and professionally. The workshop capitalizes on learning new skills in a "fun” and "dynamic” way.

The delegates will:

  • Learn the truth about life in general and accept difficulties on the job as a normal process
  • Become more aware of their power of "choice” to establish new habits in thinking and behaving
  • Become armed with "realistic optimism” to overcome challenges
  • Become more proactive in either changing stressful situations, or regulating their reactions
  • Be exposed to a variety of techniques that could be practiced daily to maintain "peak performance” states not matter what kind of pressure they’re exposed to
  • Learn to maintain positive relations through better communication
  • Be able to plan achieving selected "bucket list” changes with the right mind set to have these done


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