Super Powers We Forget We Have During Crises - MetLife Alico Team

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September 25, 2020
11:00am - 1:00pm
Zoom Meeting Webinar

This is a two hours webinar with several objectives. By the end of it, participants will:

1.      - Learn the basics of resilience despite the collective traumas we are all facing

2.      -  Get introduced to the simple super powers we all have, but may not be using

3.      -  Start focusing on what it means to remain positive (inward focus & outward focus)

4.      -  Learn that stress can be a motivating force; hence, is good if it is well regulated

5.      -  Be equipped with simple tools to manage remaining positive and manage stress with a chance to actually experience these techniques

6.      -  Interact with team members to share their own super powers and aspirations

7.      -  Have a short Laughter Yoga session to de-stress and kick start a positive attitude

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