The Mind Body Influence to Healing

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June 15, 2019
1:00pm - 3:00pm 15 June 2019
Al Qasr Restaurant - Alley

The speech aims at quipping participants with a positive mindset on Multiple Sclerosis at a time when there’s a pessimistic general prognosis around it. The talk will focus on scientific evidence on how the mind/body connection works (& vice versa). A host of psychological factors will be explored all of which can speed up healing, or getting even more sick for a variety of medical illnesses. The talk will, also, inspire through success stories of people with MS that beat their condition in multiple ways. The presentation will focus on "the power of positive belief”, visualization, pain management tools, stress management techniques, and other necessities essential to overcome a condition that leaves many very hopeless to lead normal lives. We will end by focusing on creating miracles and transform from having a "victim” mindset, to a "victor” mindset over Multiple Sclerosis.

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