The Practicum to Taming Anxiety & Depression

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March 07, 2019
10:00am - 11:30am
Universite Antonine

This workshop will expose what it’s like to experience both anxiety & depression as negative states that hamper wellbeing in their extreme form. Participants will get empowered by knowing the upside of these two states (Yes!! These can be good for you). You will grow to befriend your negative emotions by engaging in "Emotional Fitness”. Only then, will you be able to become more resilient in bouncing back from life’s multiple challenges.

 The duration of the workshop will be spent practicing many simple to use techniques to conquer any experienced hyper-arousal, or hypo-arousal. These tools break the cycle of chronic anxiety & depression; thus, arm you with necessities to be more "Mentally Tough”. When these are made new habits of thinking & behaving, you reclaim power & better control of your future.

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