"The Needed Mindset for Making Change" - MTV Lebanon الذّهنيّة الّلازمة لتحقيق التّغيير

In this interview, Dania explores the "success formula" for making change happen and why New Year's resolutions fail. There are 6 ingredients to make change happen. It all starts with a deep decision and the belief that the change is doable. Focusing on the needed change and visualizing the change happening and final results are necessary to stay in the zone. Action taking and making new habits that assist the change are also vital while giving it our 100% each time. The interview took place in studio vision on January 4, 2020. في هذا الفيديو , تستعرض دانية دبيبو درويش المعادلة لتحقيق التّغيير.
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