"Creating a Wellness Strategy at the Workplace" Training Webinar

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March 30, 2021
9:30am - 2:00pm
Online Training

This training aims at providing two NGOs with a wellness strategy to build on their existing staff-care initiatives. Wellbeing is more like a state of feeling good. It is linked to multiple benefits that include improved physical and mental health, faster recovery from illness, healthier life styles, and increased productivity and achievement. These benefits are primary when it comes to staff working in organizations as these decrease employee health-care costs, absenteeism, and turnover. With these benefits, employees are more engaged and productive; and this, in turn, ensures better organizational growth.

A Wellness plan is proposed during this training after assessing the staff's perception of stress, stressors, and existing initiatives. The plan builds on earlier initiatives, and provides a handful of ideas and strategies that require little or no budget to implement.

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