As a motivational speaker, I know what it takes to "fire up" an audience and get them motivated to succeed in their lives. I have done this hundreds of times in my role as a psychology instructor and other training settings. My Business Administration background topped by other credentials and experience in psychology, clinical therapy, and coaching make me well rounded to address how people can thrive at both the workplace and in their personal lives. I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with others from different walks of life: school students, graduating students, mothers, business people, executives, and employees. To me, nothing beats being a positive influence to a wider circle of people.

My life expertise in multiple domains culminated in having a simplistic and down to earth approach to inspire all types of listeners. I don't just educate the audience on what they are able to do. I provide suggestions on how better to think and tools to have a better self-manage. I deliver rich content of tips on how to succeed, become more content, and develop a positive mindset towards life. I can leave others reflecting on thought provoking ideas; and equip them with life-skills to master their life situations. I approach speeches with a lot of humor and dynamism, but balance it with serious consideration of pragmatic life matters. My motivational speech can be delivered in English or Arabic and a mixture of both depending on the type of setting. I address a variety of topics and can tailor my discussion themes to suit the attendees' primary interests. Topics cover (but are not limited to): Parenting Skills, Achieving Excellence, Time Management, Anger Management, Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Effective Communication Skills, Coaching Skills, Self-Motivation, Effective Studying Skills, and many more.

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