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"The Art Of Silence" - MTV
Silence is an Art! There are times when we're better off not talking; and at times, we need to speak up. More in this interview about silence being strength, stone-walling, & avoiding problems.
"Smiling Depression" - Al Jadeed TV
Not all depression is easily detected. Some people hide it well behind a good smile. It can, also be called concealed depression, or high functioning depression. More in this interview on Al Jadeed TV.
"Emotional Fitness" - Al Jadeed TV
In this interview, Dania introduces the notion of "Emotional Fitness" which refers to the ability to identify emotions, regulate them, and generate positive emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.
"Boosting Frustration Tolerance" - Al Jadeed TV
Frustration Tolerance is an important skill to hone if we were to achieve our goals and maintain balance. It ensures less reactivity and better self-control. More in this interview.
"What in the world is EMDR?" Podcast By Dania Dbaibo & Ghada Bitar Khalifeh
This interview is originally a podcast but uploaded on YouTube giving details about EMDR: uses & process.
Podcast: What in the World is EMDR?
In this podcast, Coach Ghada Bitar Khalifeh interviews Dania on EMDR as an approach to therapy that is becoming more and more popular these times.
The Power of Reflection - Live Instagram with Dr. Rana Tayyara
Dania & Rana discuss the power of reflection in helping us learn from our mistakes. It is based on the idea that we do not learn from our mistakes if we do not sit and assess in more detail what happened, what we can learn from it, and what better to do next time.
"Is the First Love Necessarily the Last Love?"
There is a saying that first love is the last love, but despite it being special in many ways, first love may not be the last.
Dania on "Is Midlife Crisis Inevitable?" - Al Jadeed TV
This interview discusses the challenges around middle age and what happens when it becomes a crisis.
"How To Remain Positive In Negative Situations" Webinar
This is an empowering webinar that will help our community remain resilient in face of the consecutive crises we're going through.
Dania on "Is Having Space Good For Relationships?" - Al Jadeed TV
Having "space" in partnership is good for the couple. Dependency on the partner is certainly harmful. You can watch the interview to know more.
Dania on the "Empty Nest Syndrome" - Al Jadeed TV
قد يكون فراغ المنزل بعد رحيل آخر الأولاد منه بداعي الإقامة في الخارج أو الزّواج تأثير كبير على حياة الأهل. فيطغى شعور بالحزن الكبير والفراغ والقلق في متلازمة تتعرض لها بالأخص الأم التى كانت تكرّس حياتها للأولاد فقط. حينها تصبح الحياة بلا معنى
Dania on "Optimism Versus Pessimism" on OTV
يستضيف يوم جديد المعالجة النّفسيّة المُرخّصة والمُدرّبة على تطوير الذّات دانية دبيبو درويش لبحث موضوع التّفاؤل والتّشاؤم. ففي حين أن المتفائل يرى الجيّد في الأمور ويتوقّع الأحسن, يُسلّط المتشائم الضّوء على السّيّء ويتوقّع فشل الأمور. المتفائل يعتبر المتشائم سوداوي ويُغلق باب الفرص ممّا يجعل حياته تعيسة ومحدودة. المتشائم يعتبر المتفائل بسيط العقل وغير واقعي وغير مُتحسّب للعقبات.

Dania on "The Lockdown Again: Is It A Curse Or A Blessing For Couples?"
في هذه الحلقة من برنامج صباح اليوم, يتناقش ميلاد ودانية الذّهنيّة الّلازمة ليكون الحجر المنزلي أسلس في المرّة الثّانية على الزّوجين.
Dania on "Is Texting In Relationships Good Or Bad?
Texting has both a good side and a bad side in relationships, but which weighs more?
How to Change Your Psychological State Through Bodily Changes
You can change your psychological state through simple changes to your facial expressions and your body. Watch this interview to know how.
Dania on "Friendly Fighting" on Al Jadeed TV
هناك أخطاء يقع فيها الشريكين إن تشاجارا قد تكون جدّاً مكلفة للطّرفين. يمكننا الشّجار لكن بودّيّة وفي هذه الحلقة يحاور ميلاد دانية عن الأسس للشجار الودّي.
2020 صوّرت الحلقة في ستوديو تلفزيون الجديد بتاريخ 20 تشرين الأوّل
دانية دبيبو مع ميلاد حدشيتي: هل التّشابه أم التّكامل أفضل بين الشّريكين؟ - تلفزيون الجديد
تعدّدت الآراء عن الإرتباط الأنسب بين الطّرفين. البعض يقول أنّ التّشابه بين الشّريكين يعزّز السّعادة والرّضا في الزّواج. والبعض الآخر يقول أن التّكامل يعطي الزّواج الدّفع المطلوب لحياة أكمل. أيّهما الأفضل؟
Dania on 'What's With The Anger Post Beirut blast" on Al Jadeed TV
In this interview, Dania & Milad discuss the anger people feel post the recent catastrophic Beirut blast. Many people are experiencing a host of negative emotions, but Dania highlights that anger, like other emotions, has its upside
Dania on "The Psychological Consequences Post The Beirut Blast" on Al Jadeed TV
Almost 3 weeks after the Beirut blast of August 4, 2020, how are we psychologically?
Dania on "De-motivation" - NourSat TV
De-motivation can turn into depression especially if the times are rough.
"Habits of Happy Couples" - Al Jadeed TV
Couples make themselves happier by adopting enriching simple habits that feed intimacy and appreciation. You can watch this interview to know more.
"How to Love What You Don't Like" - NourSat TV
We are often faced with things and circumstances that we don't like (so as not to say we "hate"). Is it possible to make ourselves love these?
The 5 love Languages - Al Jadeed TV
Do you know what makes your partner believe you truly love them? Do you know which love language they speak? You can check this interview on the different love languages to know more.
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