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Dania on "How To Deal With Lying" - Al Jadeed TV
There many types of liars and this interview describes these and how to deal with each type.
Dania on "Hypersexuality & Sexual Addiction" - Al Jadeed TV
Dania discussing "Hypersexuality" or Sexual addiction in this video on Al Jadeed TV
Dania on "The Rise in Divorce Rates During COVID Times" - Al Araby TV
Dania is interviewed in her office producing this documentary on the rise in divorce rates during COVID times.
Dania on "Philophobia" - Al Jadeed TV
Philophobia is fear of falling in love, or being in intimate relationships. Dania discusses how it looks like, the reasons, & how to deal with it.
Dania on "The Ambiguous Loss" - Al Araby TV
Dania was interviewed by Al Araby TV to discuss the importance of psychological support to the families of those kidnapped during the Lebanese war. "Ambiguous Loss" is the state that prevails among these.
Dania on "Evaluating Endings & Preparing for New Beginnings" - Al Jadeed TV
At the end of the year, we need to evaluate how we did all through. It's an important process to reflect each time, and prepare for a new beginning.
Dania on "Your Time Is The Most Expensive Gift you Can Offer Your Loved Ones" - Al Jadeed TV
Instead of offering tangible gifts, have you considered offering your loved ones a different experience you create with your own time? This interview offers many ideas for kids & adults
Dania with Rabiaa Ezzayat in "Above 18" Program - Al Jadeed TV
Dania was invited to be a panelist among others to shed light from a psychological perspective about the struggle of the Lebanese during current times.
Dania on "Filling The Emotional Gap" - Al Jadeed TV
This is about the reasons for having an emotional gap, the signs, and how to deal with it
Dania on "The Truth About Love At First Sight" - Al Jadeed TV
Is love at first sight real? and if it happens, will it last? You can watch this interview to know the truth about love at first sight>
Dania on "Visualization: Between Creating Dreams & Nightmares" - Al Jadeed TV
Visualization is a superpower you can use to create dreams, or nightmares. It can help you achieve many outcomes if you use it right!
Dania discussing EMDR - Al Jadeed TV
Interested to know what EMDR is and how it works? Watch this interview.
Dania on "My Mother In Law Hates Me, What Can I do?" - Al Jadeed TV
Mother in law can turn to a Monster in law. What can you do to deal with her? Check this video out.
Dania on "Drama Queen / Kings" & How to Deal With Them - Al Jadeed TV
Drama Queens / Kings can drain you. Do you know how to spot one? Do you know how to deal with them? To know more, you can watch this interview.
Dania on "Extroverts & Interverts & Their Sociostat"- Al Jadeed TV
Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, your need to be around other people is subject to what we call your "sociostat" (your social thermostat). You can watch this interview to know more.
Dania on "Post Traumatic Growth" - Al Jadeed TV
Post Traumatic Growth is not emphasized enough as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This interview discusses the difference.
Benefits of Whining - Al Jadeed TV
Yes, whining can be beneficial, but it has it's limits!!
Dania on "Coping with Cancer Challenges" - Al Jadeed TV
Cancer changes lives on many fronts. Psychology plays a key role in recovery. Watch this interview for more.
Dania on "Laughter is Healing" - Al Jadeed TV
Laughter has a healing power both psychologically & physically. And that's not all; It costs nothing!!
Dania on the "Negativity Thermostat" - Al Jadeed TV
Beware your "Negativity Thermostat"!! If it's too hot, you need to cool it off!
Identity Crisis - Al Jadeed TV
The Identity Crisis typically happens during teenage years, but it can surface later on in life and under stressful circumstances. More in this interview on Al Jadeed TV,
"The Art Of Silence" - MTV
Silence is an Art! There are times when we're better off not talking; and at times, we need to speak up. More in this interview about silence being strength, stone-walling, & avoiding problems.
"Smiling Depression" - Al Jadeed TV
Not all depression is easily detected. Some people hide it well behind a good smile. It can, also be called concealed depression, or high functioning depression. More in this interview on Al Jadeed TV.
"Emotional Fitness" - Al Jadeed TV
In this interview, Dania introduces the notion of "Emotional Fitness" which refers to the ability to identify emotions, regulate them, and generate positive emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.
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