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Dania on "Are Soulmates Real?" - Al Jadeed TV
Is it a myth we each have a soulmate? Do we have just one? What does psychology say about it? More in this interview
Dania on Toxic "Positivity" - Al Jadeed TV
Beware the positivity overdose! yes, too much positivity can harm you and others.
Dania on "The Secrets We Keep" - Al Jadeed TV
The debate continues on whether to share some secrets or not. This will clarify when it is necessary to do so. There's a difference between being private and holding on to secrets.
Dania on "Indecisiveness" - Al Jadeed TV
Indecisiveness can be problematic for many people. In this interview, Dania discusses reasons for why this happens, the disadvantages, and offers some tips to overcome it.
Dania discussing the Truth about the Womanizer - Al Jadeed TV
What's the truth about the womanizer? why do they do what they do? How are women supposed to deal with a womanizer? You'll find some answers here.
Dania discussing Hypersensitivity - Al Jadeed TV
If you think you're a super sensitive person, you can watch this video to realize that it is a very common state and comes with advantages and disadvantages that can be regulated.
Dania discussing those who take advantage المصلحجي - Al Jadeed TV
What do we do with those who take advantage of us? You'll find some answers here.
Dania on "Cherophobia, or Fear of Being Happy" - Al Araby TV
While most people seek happiness, you'll find some who fear it! Why is that?
Dania on "The Art of Letting Go" فن التطنيش - Al Jadeed TV
It really is an art to let things slide & let things go. How do we do it? You'll find some answers here.
Dania on "Single at Heart, or Chosing to Remain Alone" - Al Jadeed TV
Some people prefer to remain single. They enjoy being alone at a time when many fear loneliness. What is the secret for those who are never lonely? You'll find some answers in this interview.
Dania on "Patience & Mental Health" - Al Jadeed TV
The relationship between patience and mental health is well established. It's a coping strategy many people use when things are beyond control. More in this interview.
Dania on "Positive & Negative Energy Effects" - Al Jadeed TV
Positive energy and negative energy feed your life differently. What are the factors and how to recharge positive energy in this interview.
Dania on "Emotional Divorce" - Al Jadeed TV
Emotional Divorce is very prevalent. It's when the couple keep living together but act somewhat like strangers. More about it here.
Dania on "Jealousy & Envy Between Friends" - Al Jadeed TV
How do you handle a jealous or envious friend? What are you to do if you were the jealous one? You'll find the answers in this interview.
Dania on "Taming Your Inner Critic" - Al Jadeed TV
The way you talk to yourself can be compassionate, critical, or somewhere in between. This video is for those of you who have a very harsh inner critic that requires changing!
Dania on "The Art Of Giving Advice" - Al Jadeed TV
Generally, we don't like to be given advice unless we seek it. If you have something to say, there's a better way to go about it in this video.
Dania on "How To Heal A Broken Heart" - Al Jadeed TV
It's really difficult to be left with a broken heart, but there are some ways to ease up the process in this video>
Dania on "Ways To Deal With Insomnia" - Al Jadeed TV
Here are some ways to trick your brain into sleeping & some other behavioral changes to help with insomnia
"The Difference Between Forgiving & Being Naive" - Al Jadeed TV
To forgive, or not to forgive, remains a question many people struggle with. Some would consider it being naive, others consider it a way to be at peace. More in this video.
Dania on "Ways To Beat Overthinking" - Al Jadeed TV
This video is for those who struggle with overthinking. It talks about signs, reasons, disadvantages & ways to deal with it.
Dania on the "Upside of Stress" - Al Jadeed TV
Stress has advantages in moderate intensity. This video talks about how you can use stress to make it your friend instead of your hated enemy!
Dania on "How To Deal With Lying" - Al Jadeed TV
There many types of liars and this interview describes these and how to deal with each type.
Dania on "Hypersexuality & Sexual Addiction" - Al Jadeed TV
Dania discussing "Hypersexuality" or Sexual addiction in this video on Al Jadeed TV
Dania on "The Rise in Divorce Rates During COVID Times" - Al Araby TV
Dania is interviewed in her office producing this documentary on the rise in divorce rates during COVID times.
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