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Dania on "Love Bombing" - Al Jadeed TV
Love Bombing is a strategy used by many as a manipulative technique to get someone into the trap of a relationship by showering you with love & attention. This has dangers as detailed in this video.
Stockholm Syndrome - When The Victim Becomes Attached To Their Abuser - Al Jadeed TV
Why is it that we see some victims get positively attached to their abuser? This is a psychological phenomenon that can be explained by Stockholm Syndrome as briefed in this video.
What is the Savior Complex? - Al Jadeed TV
Some people take their helping initiative to the extreme and have the impression that they need to save others. This can backfire in many ways and this interview explains how.
The Truth About The Law of Attraction - Al Jadeed TV
There's a buzz on the law of attraction and that you attract what you think about. Despite how attractive this notion is, it can be problematic. In this video, Dania explains the law of attraction and debunks some claims.
Why Do New Years' Resolutions Fail? - Al Jadeed TV
With each New Year, many people decide to change to the better. They start with a list, but most times working on these decisions stops within weeks. Why does this happen? This video provides tips on making resolutions work.
Holiday Stress & Holiday Blues - Al Jadeed TV
The holidays are supposed to bring with it joy and happiness. For many, the holidays bring with it a lot of stress and feelings blue. Why does that happen? You'll find the answers here.
What Are The Signs You're In a Toxic Relationship? - Al Jadeed TV
Some relationships pull you up; others drain you and are considered toxic poisoning your psyche. How do you know you're in a toxic relationship be it romantic or otherwise? Some answers here.
Superstitious Behavior From a Psychological Perspective - Al Jadeed TV
What makes so many people stick to superstitions and engage in superstitious behavior despite no evidence supporting such acts? This video explores these from a psychological perspective.
Dealing with Uncertainty & Waiting for Important News - Al Jadeed TV
Uncertainty creates a lot of stress for so many people. Especially if someone is waiting for life changing news, the waiting time can become intolerable. This video gives tips on how to deal with uncertainty.
Dania on "Constructive & Destructive Criticism" - Al Jadeed TV
There's a difference between constructive & destructive criticism. This video sheds like on strategies to use more constructive criticism when needed and how to handle destructive criticism when you receive it.
Dania on "The Psychology of Gossip" - Al Jadeed TV
What makes people gossip? what do you do if you were the target of gossip, or even if you don't like listening to all the talking about other people? you'll find the answers in this interview.
Dania on Stress & Stressful Life Events - Al Jadeed TV
Stress & stressful life events are part of life. How are we to handle all the pressure? This video gives a good summary on earlier interviews combined.
Dania on "Compulsive Hoarding" - Al Jadeed TV
Many people have a tendency to keep things and even buy things they don't really need. At times, it gets their houses loaded with stuff. This video discusses hoarding, its causes, & consequences & gives few tips in changing it.
Dealing With Procrastination - Al Jadeed TV
Procrastination is a bad habit many struggle with. You'll find some tips to deal with it in this video.
The Truth About First Impressions - Al Jadeed TV
First impressions are crucial as they linger for a long time. You don't have a second chance at making a good first impression. This video elaborates on the concept.
The Art of Apologizing - Al Jadeed TV
Apologizing is an art many don't master. This video discusses the components of a good apology and points to why some resist apologizing.
Is Friendship Wit Your Ex A Good Idea?
Many wonder whether it is a good idea to remain friends with an Ex. Well it depends; as this video elaborates.
Dania on Toxic Femininity - Al Jadeed TV
Toxic Femininity results from the societal pressure on women to think and behave in certain ways that become harmful. More on the ramifications of such pressure in this video.
Dania on Flirting Signs & Liking During Modern Times - Al Jadeed TV
Flirting & Liking have changed during modern times with the excessive use of online platforms & texting. How good is that? Some answers here.
Dania on Toxic Masculinity - Al Jadeed TV
Masculinity when taken to the extreme is toxic. Men feel pressure to be tough, to not show emotions and to seek power. These attributes in excess can harm men and those around them.
Dania & Zaven on "New Terminology in Modern Relationships صوت كل لبنان
Modern relationships have changed and there is a new terminology being used to describe specific situations.
Why Is It Difficult To Make Friends As An Adult - Al Jadeed TV
It is more difficult to make friends in adulthood for many reasons. This will elaborate on this and gives suggestions on how to go about it.
Self-soothing - Al Jadeed TV
Self-soothing is one component of emotional intelligence. It's an important skill to learn to regulate emotions. Some strategies are suggested here.
Emotional Intelligence - Al Jadeed TV
Emotional Intelligence can help you succeed in life even more than logical intelligence. This interview defines emotional intelligence and elaborates on it's components.
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