Dania is a combination of a warm heart professional attitude and who creates a very comfortable atmosphere!! Highly recommended! I didn't believe how helpful the EMDR approach is. It makes you get in touch with the power within you to help yourself while a professional hand is holding yours and leading you to the right way. Big love to our Dania and good luck dear.
Miss Sonya Dhaybi


DANIA is a genuine real skilled triple certified mega successful LEBANESE Coach and a pillar coach for our homeland Lebanon and its neighbouring countries.
Samir Elias Zehil

Founder of Wydner Coaches

This is a gratitude message to someone who changed & influenced my life. I've been passing through hard times. And you know the feeling of not finding yourself; as if you're lost & stuck in the past & its traumas. But when you have the will, you'll find the way. I stepped up & decided to seek help. Dania removed the dust & the fog I was living in. Then, everything was pure & clear. Because of you , Dania Dbaibo Darwish, I started my new life journey. And I promise you that my best is yet to come! And all is dedicated to you!! I love you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you my counselor & EMDR therapist!
Rana Tabbara

Life Coach

Coach Dania is Professional and capable of transforming hurdles into colourful landscapes. I always recall your words and follow your advice. 
Rana Dubeissy

University Professor

Hats off to this lady for her fascinating wisdom, extensive knowledge and affectionate heart. A true learning and life changing experience through the empowering, positive and soothing EMDR approach.

Hoda Touma

Masters student of Public Policy at AUB

Dania is a combination of a warm heart, professional attitude, and works in a very comfortable atmosphere!!! highly recommended. I can't believe how helpful EMDR can be. It seems that you have the power within you to help yourself with a professional hand holding yours and leading you to the right way! Big love to our Dania and good luck dear.

Sonya Dhaybi


I met Coach Dania for the first time when I went to see the seminar Adam & Leave". I went there intentionally, not only because I was interested to learn about relationships, but mainly because I was looking for a personal Life Coach to guide me with my career as well as my personal life. I had no idea what to expect, I just followed my heart and I'm happy I did. Her enthusiasm, on stage when she spoke to the public, and off stage when she personally greeted few of her friends and coachees, attracted my attention in a much natural way than I expected. I felt relieved that day because I found myself the best Coach ever, or should I say she found me. I thank her every day now, for all the attention she gave me, even today she still follows up with me although my sessions with her are over. I can't thank her enough, she has helped me to change my life forever for the best. She is one of the most vibrant, emotionally caring, and kind people I've known. My life is so much better today, since I met her, I can truly say I am happier and more in peace with myself, and I give her much of the credit for that, although she might disagree and say: "You did it all by yourself!" But that's only because she speaks from her heart, so in return I will always tell her: "You made it all possible for me! Thank you, you will always be my personal favorite Coach."
Chadi Haikal

Civil Engineer

First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful inspiring time and experience we had together during the "Stress Management" training Dania. It was filled with positive attitude which I believe will reflect on my day-to-day performance. With all the stress busters, tips, useful information, clear visual aids, and most importantly YOUR enthusiasm and persona, you certainly proved your coaching skills by inspiring and motivating participants who have gotten into a momentum of interacting with each other and learning. I am looking forward to attending more training with you in the future!
Mustafa El Kurdi

Account Manager - CMCS

I attended Dania's most amazing "Stress Management" workshop. it's the best I have seen... It wouldn't have been sooooo goooood without you my dearest Coach, ever... You proved to be one of the best interactive people I have ever met... THANK you for the lovely time and the wonderful de-stressing session.
Linda Hammoudi

Administrative Assistant at AUB

Thanks a lot Dania for your time and effort to make the "Stress Management" workshop a truly full of energy learning experience. All the techniques you have equipped us with are very handy. I even applied one of them on my way to work today. A big thank you and a bigger hug from the Aie Serve team.
Tarek Younis

Vice President of Aie Serve

Tuesday May 1st, 2012, was the day I had the honor of attending the "Coaching Your Motivation" Workshop delivered by the mirror of "Inspirational Life Coaching", Coach 3Ds. You can't but sense her constantly increasing dedication toward helping others and the passion her soul reflects through her outstanding attitude toward what she calls a blessing-coaching. She, the professional empowering sensation flame, is ONE of the MAJOR reasons why I chose Psychology & Coaching as my ultimate dream.
Nazek Abdelhamid El Hout

Student at Al Iman School

I first met Dania at the TEDxAUB auditions. My speech was very impersonal, and yet, Dania, from her distant seat, could probe into my words and hear what I wasn't saying. As a PhD candidate studying in Lebanon, I have my frustrations, and Dania asked me about them. Having said nothing about myself in my speech, I was dumbfounded and I felt exposed. Then, as I looked into her beautifully kind and smiling face, I instantly felt a relieving wave of trust and my first words to Dania were "I need to see you again!" My second encouter with Dania was at a "Professional Communication Skills" workshop. I was again impressed by this extraordinary woman, who radiated positivity and joy. She gave us an empowerment exercise that made me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to, including breaking a pencil with only one finger!! I'm one of the two lucky speakers whom Dania coached for TEDxAUB. During the training, Dania was a huge support and relief. She was extremely generous with her time and energy, and I'm very grateful for that. Her office felt like home and during the training sessions, she didn't only train me for my speech but also addressed my frustrations and doubts. She is positive, inspiring and empowering, and she made me feel awesome. Dania, I'm lucky to have met you and privileged to have been trained by you. You are a real Coach!
Ghina M.El Halabai

PHD Physics candidate - AUB

Dania helped me to unclutter both my mind & life. She was firm as needed, but also very sensitive & supportive. A great experience, but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I strongly recommend my life coach to everyone!
~ Anonymous ~

Visual Communicator

Dania presented part of the "Professional Communication Skills" workshop we arranged for AUB graduating students to prepare them for job interviews. She was very professional, inspiring and interactive. She filled the hall with a positive atmosphere and good spirit. In addition to her informative session, she managed to keep the audience very attentive and lively throughout the workshop. She was one of the main reasons the workshop was successful.
Areej Yehya

Psychology Graduate student at AUB, Member of FAS Student Representative Committee, AUB Vice President of Psychology Student Society

When I first came to visit Dania, I was looking for a Career Coach. But then with every session I discovered that what I really needed was to get a better understanding of who I am and what it is that I was doing wrong. She helped me realize that I was caught up in many old patterns than needed to be stopped. As Winston Churchill said," Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it". In order for change to happen, sometimes we have to change. Her coaching skills and hypnosis techniques opened up a new life to my eyes. I was finally able to see things in a new perspective. She also taught me that the way we choose to see ourselves limits who we can be. So thank you Dania for making a difference in my life and for motivating me to be who I can be!
Ghalia Lababidi

Art Director

I always considered myself an outgoing people person with good communication skills; however, being in a job where I'm constantly dealing with people and solving their problems, I decided to attend Coach Dania's "Effective Communication Skills" workshop at Coaching Your 3Ps offices. After the workshop, I finally have some super communication tricks up my sleeve! It was an excellent and upbeat workshop that I recommend anyone to be a part of! Don't miss it!
Rasha Masalkhi

Bank Med

Dania has moved the hearts and ambitions of countless students; and those who haven't seen the differences are simply not looking for a better life. In the course of education, it is the duty and responsibility of the teacher to deliver and embrace the students with total culture. I'm afraid I must say Dania did not succeed in living up to the standards. Instead she demolished the wall and embraced us all with a glorious laugh and a fantabulous spirit. I humbly salute, for in the course of the repugnance of humanity, she still manages to see the good in people. She doesn 't just see them, but fishes them out!
Rami Saglam

School and College Counsellor/ TOK Instructor

Focusing on our targets and achieving them might prove to be difficult in our today's demanding world; this is particularly true in case of professional and married women. I was skeptic when Dania informed me that her "Special Designed Hypnosis Techniques" can help in boosting my energy levels, self-confidence and my will to move forward on my Master's degree dissertation. To say the truth, I was also pretty scared of what might these techniques entail!! However, and to my great surprise, I was literally shocked by the way the session has cleared my mind and positively enhanced my ability to press-on with my thesis. I am almost through with my thesis now, and therefore, with my Masters degree, and I am forever grateful to Dania's expertise. Enlightening and unique…. I recommend Dania, alongside with her special sessions, to all the people who feel in need of an energetic and effective spiritual push to attain the targets they aspire.
Maya Kassab

Full time transport engineer pursuing Masters degree at AUB.

I was having trouble in my sleeping schedule and learned that I can overcome with hypnotherapy. Dania helped me a great deal and in only three sessions my sleeping pattern changed. Throughout the sessions, Dania was empathetic, friendly, professional, and most important non-judgmental. I can say that she is genuinely interested in her clients and their well-being and takes her time to provide the best help she could. The sessions were powerful and nurturing. I mostly enjoyed getting in touch with my unconscious. It was a thrilling experience. Thank you Dania for this amazing exploration. I recommend to anyone who is on self-improvement path.
Sophia F. Bitar

Franchise Consultant

College can be a HUGE step from our quiet childhood school days. The impacts of that change hit so suddenly, that a high school over-achiever can go as far as being on academic probation in university (trust me on this one). Through coaching, Dania fished me out my old self destructive routines and mind processes. She helped me restructure my habits, prioritize, and supported me all the way to acquire the discipline required to make concrete changes towards a better quality of life. When a "stress attack" would come knocking, she was my go-to person. She provided me with all the necessary tools to unlock my full potential as a student particularly and a person in general. And her positive approach helped me go back on track. The changes were amazing, and every step was more encouraging for me to take the next. If you're wondering about my current status; Well, I've spent my summer semester in a top U.S. university (passed my courses with an 85), I currently have a job at an important computer company, I am totally focused and sure about what I want to achieve this year. And believe it or not, when you're sure about your goals, the ways to achieve them start unraveling all by themselves…At least that's what Dania told me…
Elie Khoury

AUB student

I have known Dania as life-coach and psychotherapist as I interviewed her for Alaan TV in 2 different programs ("Hayyakoum" and "Kafa 3onfan"). She introduced coaching in the first, and discussed the consequences of aggression on women based on her psychotherapy expertise in the second. I, also, interviewed her as a psychologist for Mystera Magazine about "Dealing with Emotional Vampires". I can honestly and with all objectivity say that Dania has a great and professional spirit of a successful woman fully devoted to her career. Through a passionate enthusiasm and a zealous keenness, Dania knows quite well how to address human problems and the different obstacles people might face. She provides guidance, motivation, and a positive push that is needed in order to understand ones' troubles. Beyond all doubts, one sees a new bright horizon. I appreciate Dania's great sense of responsibility, high professionalism, and valuable devotion. We urgently need such traits in a world full of chaos, pain, and endless daily stress.
Mireillee Hammal

Producer – Researcher - Freelance Journalist

The workshop about Self-motivation" and "Effective Communication" Dania presented was beyond my expectations. By listening to every word said I realized that I could turn my bad vibes into really good ones and spread them all over the place. I learned the true value of my inner self, the meaning of motivation, and how to turn every negative self-talk into a positive one! Before I listened to the speech, waking up every Monday to go to work wasn't really a pleasure after a relaxing week-end. It could be due to stress. But now I'm looking forward to this Monday to come so I could try the feeling of waking up full of enthusiasm and good vibes. Oh, and I'm excited about something else too: To communicate in a better way and leave a very good impact in others' lives :) Dania you're such a dynamic and positive person whom I really appreciated during the lecture. Your personality reveals confidence, confidence and confidence. I really enjoyed every minute of the lecture and took advantage of every second to learn how to improve. Looking forward to be coached again by you :)"
Hayat Baalbaki

Classroom Teacher – Dent de Lait

Dania was the first peer to welcome me as another peer in International Coach Academy. In this community, I found myself among the few students from the Middle East. Dania's great posts were of big help when I felt so lonely. Although our relationship, in the beginning, was through exchanging posts on the discussion board, we felt as if we knew each other for long time. Dania is capable of winning others’ hearts and trust very quickly. Later on we started our coaching relationship as part of our ICA requirements and because of her coaching and her support, I could make great and major changes in my life. She has all the characteristics of a great coach: she is a good listener, nonjudgmental, supportive, trust worthy, and she respects her clients’ confidentiality. For some time, Dania was my coach, but till now I rely on her whenever I need support and motivation.
Nihad Khalil

Software Engineer & student at ICA; Alexandria – Egypt

We wish, here, to testify and thank you for your interesting presentation about "Self-motivation" and "Effective Communication". Your performing in front of the audience expresses the real face of motivation. Adding to this, your interaction while presenting, your ideas, all was truly so amazing! You left stimulating traces in our minds. We look forward to more collaboration between us for the welfare of the child."
Hana Joujou

President of the Syndicate of Nurseries’ Owners in Lebanon

Ohhh Dania!! You are the most interactive person I've ever met!!

The de-stress workshop was a great experience. Your character,voice, and positive attitude boosted our energy up! We had sooo much fun,laughed a lottt and I mean it a lotttt. The session was great and your interactive techniques changed our whole mood. We felt that the whole place is full of energy and laughter.That feeling stayed with me through weeks and I keep on telling my friends how great and special this experience made me feel. I'm looking forword to attending more sessions with you in the future!

Keep up the good work Dania.

And keep ROCK'N ROLLING :)

Hadeel Al Hakeem

RSTN Consulting - Metlife Alico

"Great way to connect" "I had so much fun!"
"It was great.. Actually I was suffering from a disappointment, but after listening to her I felt up.. She made me more cheerful." "It was a great experience" "I am keeping everything she said in mind and will follow her advice because her advice is actually solutions to some problems" and "kayyafna!"

Those are but a few of the comments we received after our "Open Minds" youth event with you Dania. It really had an impact on the students' general attitude and was an amazing ice-breaker for the group meeting for the first time. We are all truly thankful for your super energizing presence with us.

If we can't change what is going on around us, we can at least change the way we react to it. Looking forward to bringing more positive change, support, and motivation to young people's lives with you in the near future!
Nada Merehbi Itani

President of Antami NGO

Dania and I have been friends for a while and I first saw her in action when I attended her "Mission Impossible” workshop where she was presenting for university students. I was blown away by her presentation where she explained how people should refrain from giving up when faced with obstacles and always strive for more in their lives. I was personally inspired and I did apply what I learned in my personal life. Life is full of ups and downs and we constantly need a reminder that despite life’s downs we need to always stay positive in order to move ahead. Thank you Dania for the inspirational workshop and keep doing what you are doing!
Huda Alameddine

Board Member at Antami NGO

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