Life & Career Coaching

Coaching is a service that is best suited for people who are dissatisfied with their lives or who are re-evaluating their life choices. It is, similarly, used by those who want to make changes or breakthroughs on personal and/or professional levels. Coaching is mainly a collaborative partnership built on action to move forward. Your coach is a professional who gives you insights from an outside perspective. The process enables you discover priorities that would make your life more meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilled. You become clearer on a plan with concrete objectives to achieve within a set time frame. Your relationship with your coach will move you closer to the "ideal you" in a more determined and speedy fashion.

As your Personal Coach, and based on your own priorities, I will support you create the steps needed to become the "better you". I will be your mind assistant, your devil's advocate, and your cheerleader. I will enable you to toy around different perspectives, empower you to try something new, and hold you accountable for your self-made promises. I am an expert at listening and providing objective feedback. This helps you "fine-tune" your thoughts & ideas. I have your best interest at heart; hence, will be the one to remind you of your strengths, uniqueness, and ability to thrive in multiple roles.

During the coaching process, you will feel in the spotlight and gain momentum in "doing". You achieve more than you would alone, as you become more self-aware, focused, and energized. The baby steps you weekly take compound eventually to giant results towards the "ideal" you. And ultimately, you will feel that your dormant potentials are unleashed in the path of continuous progress.

Coaching sessions typically are an hour long on weekly bases. A 2 months service package is available for better investment benefits; Over the phone sessions and Skype calls are very common. Contact me for more details on how the whole process goes.

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