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You'll find here some events that already engaged participants to make STRIDES. To know more details, click on the title name. To reserve your your place in upcoming events, click "Book" to reserve your seat.

12 Apr, 2022

Are You Okay? - Houna Initiative Location:

Let's talk about mental Health and specifically depression. This is a round table where experts will be talking about depression and answering your questions.

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09 Dec, 2021

"How to Remain Positive During Negative Times" Webinar Location:

Our current times are certainly too negative, and one way to cope is to remain positive, but how. This webinar will address this tough challenge!

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02 Dec, 2021

Super Powers You Still Have During Crises Webinar Location:

An empowering session open to the public organized by Antonine University.

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09 Apr, 2021

"How To Remain Positive In Negative Situations" Webinar Location: Zoom Meeting Webinar

At a time when negativity is surrounding us, the challenge is on how to remain positive. This webinar offers a two steps process to do that.

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03 Apr, 2021

"Super Powers You Can Use During Rough Times" Webinar Location: Zoom Meeting Webinar

This is an empowering webinar offered to the Progressive Scouts Association to provide attendees with tools to remain resilient under the current pressuring circumstances.

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01 Apr, 2021

Psychological Vitamins To Cope with Extraordinary Times Location: Webinar over Teams

People can be used to taking multivitamins, but rarely consider taking psychological vitamins. This webinar sheds light on this notion especially during our extraordinary times.

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30 Mar, 2021

"Creating a Wellness Strategy at the Workplace" Training Webinar Location: Online Training

Creating a culture of wellness is paramount if organizations want to take better care of their staff. This training is delivered to 2 NGOs consecutively with the aim of provide new strategies for staff care.

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22 Mar, 2021

"How Can I Possibly Remain Resilient During These Hard Times?" Webinar Location: WebEx Webinar

This webinar aims at empowering our medical doctors to remain resilient as they struggle with assisting our community during the pandemic and are already struggling like everybody else with the consecutive crises the country is going through.

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25 Feb, 2021

"Super Powers You Can Still Use During Lockdown" Webinar Location: Zoom Meeting Webinar

With students continuing their education online, they find themselves having a new life style that fuels stress, anxiety, and low mood. This is an hour long webinar that aims at providing these students in lockdown with few psychological tricks and tips to manage the stress ensuing from consecutive crises the country has been going through.

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20 Jan, 2021

"Positive Communication with Kids" to International College Location: Zoom Webinar

This webinar is dedicated to the International College parents specifically as the country is forced into another lockdown & positive communication is much needed as the family spends most of the time together.

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