"How To Remain Positive In Negative Situations" Webinar

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April 09, 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Zoom Meeting Webinar

At a time when negativity is surrounding us, the challenge is on how to remain positive. This webinar offers a two steps process to do that. The objectives of this one hour webinar are as follows:

      Acknowledge the negative psychological impact the current crises have on us & what we are going through

      Highlight what it means to have a positive attitude & how it affects us & others to be either negative, or positive as the crises continue

      Provide you with the recipe for remaining positive during crises; and that involves a two-step process of actions & thoughts with focus on both inward & outward factors

      Capitalize on the power of the positive words we use on our psychological & physical health

      Some Do’s & Don’ts to remain a positive team player

      Have a short Laughter Yoga Session to get energized!!

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