"What in the world is EMDR?" Podcast By Dania Dbaibo & Ghada Bitar Khalifeh

Whatever traumatic past we have had, we know that in most cases counseling or therapy can help us heal and feel better. But who to turn to and what to look for? In this podcast, we tap into EMDR therapy and Dania is interviewed by Mrs. Ghada Bitar Khalifeh to talk all about EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, facts and history, and the healing power of this therapeutic modality. In this episode we discuss: - Dania’s background - What is EMDR ? - REM sleep and brain activity - History of EMDR - Changes that happen to the traumatic memories when EMDR is implemented - Signs when trauma is not healed - Different types of traumas - The healing power of EMDR - How EMDR is different from other therapeutic modalities - EMDR Phases and what an EMDR session looks like My host Ghada Khalifeh, is a Coach and Conscious Leader who supports her clients in shifting from autopilot lifestyle to leading with flow to maximize fulfillment and create balance and abundance in their personal and professional life. You can check her website to know more: https://www.ghadabkhalifeh.com/
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